15 May 2011

Ride to Singapore

I managed to get a day off and instead of riding north as usual this time i went south.
The weather has been cloudy with thunder storms in the afternoons  , but still we ride  ; )
Left home early and took a nice ride south. Within a short time i was in the state of Johor and thats where i left the highway for my destinations ....both of them.

Cool early morning weather on the highway.

A short R&R before exiting the highways 

130+ km of village roads through Johor 

Nice and quiet. 

Finally reached destination no.1 

The southern most point of mainland Asia 

1.2km round trip walking  in full gear.....not fun. 

The path takes you through a mangrove swamp. 

Till i reached this..... 

The actual southernmost point and its marker 

See the board on the right.... 

Its offical now  : ) 

Nice surroundings.. 

Now i have to walk again , ah well...  

After destination no.1 i hit the roads again. Made another R&R stop here  .

Rode till i reached the  second link causeway for destination no.2-Singapore  : )

Found the smallest hotel room in the world...

Here  : )     its was actualy quite nice, and the staff were good.Breakfast sucked though. 

After freshening  up i went to see the most famous landmark of Singapore.
Here is the view from the Esplanade.
(NB- i've been to Singapore many times and seen the sights , so this is just a short ride)

This is what i came to see........... not.
Some bright spark had the idea of making the most famous of Singapore's landmarks into a concept room with the Merlion's upper half in it.
No thank you.....

So i visited the baby Merlion. 

its all mine now .....muaaahahahahahaaaa   -  says baby Merlion.

After spending the night in Singapore , i left early for home. 
This is just after the Malaysian immigration.Nice weather, dry roads , hmmmm...

After some highly illegal speeds , a short break was in order.

Reached home rather fast after a superb ride.
Singapore was fun.Where to next?

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