08 February 2011

Ride to Phuket

No time to ride.
No time to ride.
Booooom  .....biggest ride ever .............so far  ; )

As its the Chinese New Year holidays i managed to get a few days off , and me and the mrs decided to go to the island of Phuket in Thailand.
Funnily enough instead of my wife flying down while i rode , like we did last year to Krabi ,she wanted to ride along with me and see all the places on the way that i showed her via pics from  my other rides.

So ,since she is coming along i broke the trip up into stages and the longest distance travelled a day would be 600km. The plan was to leave home and ride to Songkla Lake(Thailand) - 1st night.
The next day ride to Phuket and spend 3 nights there  and on the way back stop in Hat Yai for a night.
Its has been raining the past few days here but we were very lucky to have the whole trip in bright sunshine throughout.

Overall the ride was lovely , The bike was packed for 2  ,and the side boxes and top box was full.
And even with a passanger and all the luggage it was a blast to ride. The highways were smooth and between Krabi and Phuket especially there were some lovely twisties and it was a blast.Strong winds were blowing all through Southern Thailand but the bike was planted even at speed.
I've owned a few bikes so far but , in terms of all day comfort, stability , speed , power and handling  the FJR is a clear winner.   

  Early morning weather sighting...looks ok so far.
                                                 All that fits in the side bags and top box perfectly.

Lovely early morning sky. No editing at all.

A fully laden FJR on a long ride.............What its made for  ; )

Wanted my wife to see the hills of Ipoh. 

At the usual Gurun rest stop to get the border paperwork done.

Its popular with the bikers.

After the border formalities we took a nice 100km ride to Songkla lake.
Look at the weather...makes you want to ride huh? 

Stayed at the Rajamangala hotel. Very nice. look at the bed...

Closer.....  its just a folded towel  .. very cute  ; )

Nice lobby.

Uber cool statue

Guess who gets parking in front of the lobby  : )

After freshening up we took a ride around Songkla and Samila beach.

Chalatat beach.

Nice and quiet......esp when compared to Phuket later on..

2 lovely ladies

And of course the Naga...

                               Its quite big.                           

This time the fountain was on.

Early the next day we set off for Phuket.

Probably wondering why she didn't fly down   : )

After a couple of hours....finally.

Big smile now  ; )
                                             Nice room  again.

A short walk along Patong Beach that night before we passed out.

Busy roads.

The next day it was time to explore.

Nice hotel.

Bike gets to rest as this is a bum rest day  : )

First we went to a viewing point.

Such a cool blue........

Then we met some local bikers  : )

                                   30 HP and 30 mph  .......... interested  ?

After all the tarmac yesterday....we did a bit of off roading today   : )

Adios my friends...

Next we visited  ''Big Buddha''. That is  on a hill BTW 

Smaller Buddha.

A beautiful Buddhist temple.

Look at the detail.

Fantastic everywhere you look.

Over the Entrance gate.

Here there be dragons   : )

Nice huh?

Inside one of the temples.

Painted cellings.


And quite big

Later we visited an old Chinese Mansion in the heart of Phuket town.

Nice decor.

Actual antique furniture.

So this was what they used before cellphones  ; )

In the evening we took a sunset cruise around Phuket.

Thailand's flag flies high.

Nice boat.....

SWMBO happy.

I liked this shot with the fisherman and the lighthouse.

                                              Calm seas....                                                                                  

Did i mention dinner was served with drinks   : )

Post dinner smile  : )


And so the sun sets over the Andaman sea.


The next morning we took a walk along the Patong beach.... Early...

Peaceful for now.....

Endless expense of sandy beaches.


                                                        The main touristy area of Patong.

by mid morning the beach looks like this ........a freakin fish market      

Lots of big bikes for rent ...

                                                      After lazing the whole day we watched our last sunset in phuket

Early the next day on the way to Hat Yai.  

                                     Rest and hydration along the way                                                                

Lovely Thai roads with minimal traffic.

After some hours we reached our funky hotel in Hat Yai.


Secure parking...

In Hat yai we visited a Buddhist temple complex to see the reclining Buddha.
Check out the size of that Building and the Buddha statue.
My wife is actually about 30 feet infront of it  .

                                               Huge and awesome.                                                                       

Lovely details.

 Another lovely shrine.

Cool huh?

More dragons.

The last rays of sunset.

Early the next morning we left for home.
A break near Sadao.

Another break after completing the border formalities.

In the hills before Ipoh.

Its not much , but for us its a lot.... 
Overall the ride and places visited were excellent. And doing in on an FJR which is built for this type of riding makes it all that more fun..

Where to next ????     : )



  1. Fuyo! Awesome stuff my friend. And there I was at home dealing with the renovation aftermath ... meaning the cleaning up. I just added a bike garage to the house for an additional bike and some space to work on the bikes.

    Anyway, very nice pics! Especially the wide shots. Are you using the Lumix? Also, that scenic shot at the ipoh stop on your outbound leg - where abouts is that? The view is superb.

  2. Dearest Dr Biker. Do you know how to blog or what??!! Wow!! You da man bro!!!
    Waaaaaayyyy to go.
    Kudos to you and wifey. It sure looks like you folks had a lovey journey.
    Let's meet up soon for a TT session.
    May God Bless you, and family. Wishing you many many maaaany safe miles ahead.

  3. Nik - on the way to Ipoh after the old Jelapang toll you start uphill. Before you reach the tunnel there is a rest area nicely landscaped on your left.Thats the place.
    i'm using the canon g12. on full auto as i havent read the manual yet : )

    Anand-- Just let me know when for the tts bro..

  4. wah best la bro... tak pegi Rock City ker kat Bangla Road tu.... hehe

  5. Ada lalu kat luar shj bro . Tak masuk . Dah kenyang makan , pi jalan2 shj : )

  6. fantastic..mista bombastic bro!!
    Nice pics bro make me so excited to go there..errr G12 some more..wuuhuuuu!!

    Ok bro..plan for the next ride on April..hatyai? betong? Danok? Roger me bro..


  7. April ? Boleh bro . Betong atau kalau nak scenic sikit Songkla Lake . Apamacam ? : )

  8. blh bro..nnti kite bincang. Ade gak yang nak folo tu..kalo kite set pax dlm 6 org ok tak?

  9. ala Han.. aku dah bape lama tunggu nak ride ke Betong dengan ko ni.. bila lagi?? hehehe..

    Griffin, sekolahkan Han tu skit.. asyik ride dalam negara jer,, tak luas pemandangan la.. hehehe:)

  10. April tu kalau pi time Songkran Day.. pergh best!! letak je moto kat tepi jalan, confirm bersih kene simbah air jer.. hehe

  11. Betul bro , dah lama ajak Han tu : )
    Kalau i pi masa Songkran tu nanti bawak serbuk FAB sikit , boleh cuci moto sambil cuci mata : )

  12. yezza.. 13, 14 & 15 Songkran Day kat Betong (not confirm yet).. gerenti moto berkilat bersih kene tembak air.. tak payah basuh.. hahaha..

  13. I live in BKK and am riding my FJR to Malaysian border during Songkran (Apr 1-15 2011). Perhaps a meet up in Phuket for Phuket bike week? Email me at jflawyer@gmail.com. John

  14. Hi John . Always good to hear from a fellow FJR pilot.
    Email sent. ride safe.