15 December 2010

I got my driving license on the day i turned 17.That means i've been driving for 22 years now.
With that in mind , my wife wanted to attend the BMW advanced driving course held at the Sepang International Circuit (she just got a new Audi ). So of course i had to go along la...
The event was done in a very professional manner and participants were taught a lot of advanced driving techniques which i wish i had learnt when i first started driving.
After a great lunch it was out for more driving and the day ended with a lap around the track.
You  can always learn something new and the course was extremely worth it.

White team or Black team? 

During registration we could hear cars revving.Turns out there was a track day for supercars. 


Very nice. 

SWMBO happy.

Pick one. We picked no. 8 

High speed lane changing. 

Understeer control.The road has oil and soap...  ; ) 


In every single exercise no brake is used.Only throttle and steering.  

Break for lunch. 

Not too shabby. 

Catered buffet. 

Mmmmmmmmmmm  fooood.... .  There is 4 different types of meat there  ; )

After lunch it was back to the excerises.Here its oversteer control.
The shots are in sequence. 

Look at the smoke from the burning rubber under the car. 

Want more ???

Got out of the oversteer nicely... 

Assesing the white team. 

They are smoking also   

Here its the high speed slalom. 

And finally a blast around the track. 

Before leaving ,  a group pic. 

You CAN  teach an old dog new tricks.
A very worthwhile experience.

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