30 November 2010

A couple of years ago when i was riding my Ninja650R i joined a  Kawasaki ER6 group and we have an online forum which is a great place to share ideas and organise rides etc.
Eventhough i now have changed my ride the friends you make are still the same.Keeping that in mind a couple of riders arranged a closed trackday at our very own Sepang International Circuit for current and past riders of the ER6s. An open track day is like riding the freeway at 200kmph and a closed track day will be so much better as there are limited participants and at times you would have the whole track for yourself.The day was bright and sunny and it was great to see old friends and make new ones.Most of the bikes were the ER6s but there was a Duc 990, Suzi K6, a ZX6R  and of course my road train. 

After a safety briefing we rode a slow(ish) lap to warm up our tyres and then it was every man for himself.
I had a great time ,  bringing up the rear  ; )  .........as the bike is still newish ...........and i know my limits.
Even then it still was a blast esp when you are alone on the whole track.
Towards the end of the session it started to drizzle and on the way back i had to ride 70+km in a full blown tropical thunder storm where even the cars were doing ~ 50-70kmph.
Good times... 

Banner commemorating the clubs 1st track day.

Riders arriving. 

We took up 3 full sized paddocks. 

Empty  for now. 

Nice and sunny.........again , for now. 

Gearing up. 

Note- the next few shots are courtesy of the Ferno photographers.
Thanks guys.

Getting onto the track.

Trying to hustle this big black baby.



This shot is not of me but to show you why we ride here.   look at that track..... 

Hard on the brakes .......

Look left , go left 

Starting to get darkish

lining up my approach 

Down the front straights...220+ kmph at times

Towards the end of the session you could see dark clouds ahead.

Before  -  Chicken dish ...not chicken strip.   ; ) 

After  -  A bit  less  but still a ways to go.No hurry though.

After the track session we had a few group shots and said our good byes to each other.
It was a very nice day and riding home 70+ km from the track to my house in a full fledged tropical thunder storm in my non water proof leathers ,and where cars were moving at only 50 - 70 kmph due to the visibility and water on the roads i still had a grin on my face all the way.
Thanks FERNO.


  1. Looks like a good time!

    I heard one of the riders went down. Was the rider ok?

  2. Hi Nik. It was a great time.
    There were 4 incidents i think but minor and the riders could continue riding.
    Overall everyone had a good time.

  3. hmmm as i read your encounter in the full blown tropical storm... im grinning away myself... words cannot describe the feeling...