07 November 2010

I had planned to take a ride to Songkla lake in Thailand during the recent Deepavalli holidays as i got a few days off. Unfortunately northern Malaysia and southern Thailand suffered one of the worst storms of the last 10 years and the whole region was under water.For example Hat Yai was under upto 3 Meters of water.
So i put my plans on hold but i had to ride yesterday as there was only one day of vacation left.
The weather was gloomy and a mild drizzle persisted throughout the 2 days but the touring outfit i purchased in Switzerland really lived up to its billing.The state of Kedah was really flooded and part of the highway had to be diverted. Reached Songkla lake by 2pm and spent some time exploring.
Then i learnt that while the other parts were flooded the beachside had to deal with cyclone like weather,with large trees lying everywhere

Early morning  on the Malaysian freeway.

                                                                      Shiny for now.
Flags of the countries i've explored so far.

                                                                          Only time the sun was out.
                                 Rest stop in Ipoh. A lot of riders were out .

Winding roads up the hills.

Finally reached the border.

Quick stop for local road tax and insurance.

Streets of Dannok.

Finally reached Samila beach and found a room here.Nice garden and parking.

Room was not too bad either.

View from my balcony.

After a hot shower........a cold beer  ; )

Nice decor.

Now to survey and explore the surroundings.
Fallen trees were every where.

This fishing vessel had been blown ashore. 

These are not small trees.

Nice beach though.

The famous Samila beach mermaid.


And the equally famous Naga.

Its quite big.

Trying to be artistic  ; )

Nice boulevard.

Bike had a long day.

Fallen trees all over  the forest.

Lots of them.

The next day i took a slow ride home as the roads were wet.

Overall a really nice ride. Saw a new place and got to explore.

Now the planing for the next destination starts
Thats half the fun.  ; )


  1. Looks like you had a good ride. Unfortunately, I had to give this a miss as the riders from Australia and UK were confirmed that weekend. :( But I actually was a bit worried for you considering the weather. But looks like it turned out ok. :)

  2. Hi Nik. You really would have enjoyed this ride. I kept a close eye on Malaysian roads via PLUS website and Thai conditions via Thaivisa.com. Still i had to postpone the ride by 2 days.
    Will let you know for the next trip up north ; )

  3. wah ini unfair.. how come bro boleh sampai sana time banjir teruk tu.. hehe.. kami 4 days sangkut kat Betong jer sebab M'sia Embassy in Songkla tak bagi green light utk kami masuk border untuk ke Koh Samui. sedih sangat bro..

  4. Saya follow update keadaan jalanraya Thai kat Thaivisa.com bro. Ada regular update masa tu.Bila i tengok gambar jalan dah takde banjir, jalan terus la ; )
    Tapi lumpur sikit ada la.Jadi dual purpose ride ; )

  5. ooo.. aduh frust nyer.. kalau tau dah ok, confirm kami teruskan jalan. tp takut takleh balik pulak kalau tetiba banjir naik balik.. hehe..
    nice ride bro..

  6. waaaaaa..can not tahan read ur story bro. Hopefully next ride is Ok.

    jgn clash with my shift schedule dah la..

  7. Will roger you again bro.
    Hopefully next time ur free ; )

  8. wow...you sure had an interesting ride - i've yet to go on a leisure ride the way you did - most of the rides ive indulged in have either been for work or simply follow lanunbikerz's convoys

  9. Lesiure ride and seeing new and interesting places is my main aim. Check out my post in Feb 2010.....Krabi : )

  10. bro.. cuti federal terr & chinese new year ride kemana. teringin plak nak pi Songkla ni.. tapi ade geng ajak ride kapcai(135LC) ke phuket.. br mencabar katanya.. any other interesting place yg bro tau ?

  11. Bro , mana2 tempat yang bro tak pernah pergi adalah tempat yg baik la bro. Koh Samui ari tak jadi kan, kali ni boleh la bro : )