17 October 2010

Kota Kuala Linggi is an old fort on the Melaka Straits built by the Dutch a few hundred years ago.
Since i like to ride to new places , this was one of my ''to see'' places.
Left early morning and took a nice ride via the Sepang F1 Track road.From there took the coastal road from Port Dickson all the way to the fort.Spent some time exploring the ruins and left via the excellent Seremban- Port Dickson freeway. As it was a Sunday there were a lot of bikes out and 2 Porsches and a Ferrari were a sight to behold as the drivers were putting the pedal to the metal  ; )

Early morning on the freeway.

Nice sweepers on the village roads.

R&R at Port Dickson.

Hazy morning at the beach.

                                                            Finally reached the Fort.

                                          Time to walk up that hill ( i hate walking).

Almost there.

Some history.

                                                    The interior of the Fort.

                                                 Cannons on the far side.

                                                 Make loud noise - go BOOM .                                                          

                                       You can see the sea in the background.

More cannons.More BOOM.

These are facing the river inlet.

                                        Local material used for the wall.

                                         Walking on the wall proper.

                                 Looking down from the fort.You can just make out my bike
                                  at the bottom.Those abandoned ''resorts'' really spoilt the view.

''B'' roads on the way back. 

280 km total .A nice ride finally.


  1. Wow!
    Never been to Kuala Linggi myself.
    What's with the abandoned resort??
    gotta make time bro, we will rise and ride again...

  2. thanx for sharing some lovely pictures - like sri mersing, ive never been to kuala linggi either - come to think of it ive never been to a lot of places :(