20 June 2010

In Malaysia there are very few FJRs on the roads as most riders
prefer supersport bikes and cost is also a factor. A new FJR cost about
US 31,700 on the road.
Recently i got in touch with a fellow FJR rider and we planned to take a
ride to the nearby Bagan Lalang beach. As i'm still in the running in
period we rode at around 120-130kmph.After the Sepang F1 track the
road went through villages and palm oil plantations and there were few
cars out that day.
After riding along the beach we had a late breakfast and took a nice ride back.
Just finished my first 1000km with this ride and after the 1st service
i hope to get to know the bike beter ; )

Meet up point.

2 big black beauties.

Looks fast standing still : )

At the Bagan Lalang Beach.

Fellow FJR rider.

Beach front road.


The multimillion dollar sea housing development in the background.

The following pictures were taken by the other FJR rider.
Enlarge to see the difference between an amateur(me)
and professional(him) : )
On the highway to Sepang.

B roads to the beach.

Very nice composition.

Again-Very nice !

Took a nice ride home and after my 1st service
i'll be able to go more than 4k rpm.


  1. Thanks bro.
    Saya budak baru belajar.
    Cari otai ni : )

  2. at last...
    u've found ur twin eh?

  3. Ha Ha. Ya la bro.
    Kena ada geng, kalau tak kena buli oleh budak2 GTR. :)

  4. nice pics..nice shots..nice bike bro..hehe
    next time ride..sure i mkn asap lorr..haha

  5. Thanks bro.
    Motor baru lagi la.Takde asap, ha ha.
    GWS bro then we ride : )

  6. yup... black beauties ur bikes r... i wanted to get a black but got a silver one instead purely because im lazy - a black bike needs extra attention to keep it shiny n nice....am i right?
    btw, i tested gtr before confirming on the fjr - fjr is easier to handle n cornering is much better (for me at least) but... both look ugly without side boxes, even if i say so ;)