12 June 2010

A couple of friends and myself decided to go for a ride to our very
own KIC aka Klawang International Circuit aka Malaysia's version
of the Deals Gap's dragon. Its a lovely stretch of beautiful pavement,
curves ,uphill and downhill banks and cambers.
On the way to KIC we stopped at the Semenyih Dam for some pics then it
was time for fun.
I didn't take any pics of the roads there as i was too busy RIDING ; )

After a break at the end of the circuit we took the freeway home and
promptly got lost (kinda) on a new freeway.

But it joined up to the main way home and it was smooth sailing all the
The bike was really easy to ride in the extremely curvy roads of Kuala
Klawang and on the freeway back even with rain and wet and windy
conditions the bike was rock steady.
I've still got a lot to learn about my ride but so far things are looking good.

Early morning meet up

Ready and able
First stop at the Semenyih Dam
New wallpaper ; )
Lovely still waters in the early morning.

The new LEKAS highway on the way home.

Nice new roads but spoilt by rain

Need a name for my bike.......

Reached home and you guessed it.
Left again for work.
Riding is great.Work sucks.


  1. much as u complain...my guess is, u love wut u do...

  2. Seriously .....NO.
    I'd rather get on the bike , head north past Thailand and onwards. .........Maybe return after ~ 6-7 years.