06 June 2010

Finally my new bike has arrived.Actually the bike came two weeks ago sans
papers so i haven't ridden it out of my housing area.
Friday evening i got the grant and tax disc.Saturday morning on the road ; )
Being that this is my first ride with this bike on the open road i didn't know
what to expect.
I decided to take a ride to the administrative capital of Malaysia i.e Putrajaya.
This is a planned city built for the administrative and support staff of almost
all the ministries in this country.
The ride there was not slow but being as its a new bike and still in the running
in period i took a nice ride mainly to get a feel of the bike.

And what a feel it was -- bloody hell .this thing corners as if its on rails.
Stability is awesome . And wind effect is so much less than the other
bikes i've ridden .
I'll put a more detailed assesment once i've got some miles under my
shaftdrive ; )

My new baby ; )

Main street of Putrajaya.

Being a public holiday the roads were quiet

Thats the PM's office. please click the pic.Wonder if i can call it
a palace ?

Bike raring to go

Beautiful Putrajaya lake.i've got history with this lake.
I was married on it ; )

Fantastic architecture and right on the lake.Beautiful !

As i was going to visit my parents in a nearby town this
was a combination of ride and home visit.

More to come soon. ; )


  1. Bro, congrats on the new ride!!

    Nik Hisham

  2. Thanks bro.
    We should have a tts someday.

  3. cayalah bro.. kalau er6 bleh sampai Siam.. moto baru ni sure bleh sampai China nih... congrats..

  4. Thanks Akihiro.
    China mungkin tak boleh la.Laos & Cambodia harap2 boleh : )

  5. the 'otai' of solo rider.. :)
    congrats brada!

  6. takde otai2 la bro.
    We are all the same ; )