16 February 2010

Thailand the Land of Smilies.
Each year i get to take 2 vacations.Once during Chinese New Year
and a longer vacation during Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
This year i decided to ride to Krabi in Thailand.My wife will fly there
and I'll pick her up at the airport.So i left a day earlier and rode up
to my destination of Pakmeng beach in Trang Province.Explored a bit and
spent the night there.The next morning after breakfast i rode to Krabi
,checked in and took a cab to pick my wife up at the airport. Over the next few
days we explored the region from land to sea and ate like little piggies.
We spent 4days 3 nights in Krabi and on the last day i rode
back at the crack of dawn and my wife flew out later.The ride back was 11hours
of FUN. 2 very essential item for this trip was my GPS and my Airhawk seat.
The weather was excellent during the whole trip : )
Onto the pics shall we........

Early morning sky seen from my home just before leaving.

First rest stop near Tapah.

2nd stop .I had all the time in the world to ride and relax.

Nice roads and very few cars that early

Finally the sun is out.

Bike wondering who is tougher.

Thanks to some Fernorians i got to do this before the border
and in a relaxed enviroment.

Hills near Gurun.

Finally the Border : )

Through it ,now ready to RIDE !!

Ahhh Dannok .Border town AKA City of Sin ; )

Beautiful Thai temple-Clicky to enlarge

In the same compound was this huge statue of Buddha

Rest stop somewhere in Thailand.I just go where
the nice Garmin lady tells me to go : )

Beautifully smooth roads in Thailand

Pakmeng beach finally .
Beautiful beach with many rocky islands

Found a place for the night

Parking right outside my chalet

Wish i could take this statue home.Check the
elephants out.Damn cute.

Nice huh

Beautiful Pakmeng Beach

The beach goes on and on for miles in either direction

Tree lined boulevard

Watched the sun go down on the Andaman Sea

The next day woke up early and
went for an early morning ride.Can't get enough of the sea.

Love my bike : )

First light on the cliffs

Same beach in the early morning sun


Last pic before leaving Pakmeng

First view of the sea in Krabi

Not too bad.My hotel for the next few days.

Lunch overlooking the sea

Low tide though

Main tourist street in Ao Nang

This is so cool.A real old school STEAMroller

The next day we decided to explore.Firstly--
Tiger Claw temple high on that hill -- clicky

Same pic zoomed in

Massive temple at the base of the hill

Beautifully carved gate

Huge gong

Interior of the temple at the base

Begining of the climb up.Remember the
earlier pic of the temple on the hill

The blue sign on the left says ........1237 steps to the top :o
An old sports injury prevented me from climbing to the top :)

After the temple we went to visit the famous Emerald Pool.

Crystal clear water

Beautiful huh

Vivid natural colours

Then it was off to the Hot Springs.Water here is about 35-40C

Tropical sauna

Boiling my toes

Lunch was overlooking the estuary


OOOhhhhhhh Yeeeeesssssss

Another sleeping Buddha near Ao Nang

Finally we went to visit the Fossil Beach.Mainly small shelled

Various different types of fossils

Worth a visit though

Multiple layers of fossils

Saw a few local Er6s but the riders weren't around unfortunately.

Nice number plate bracket

Custom seat

Wider tyre

180 baby !!!!!!

Same bike with 636 front shocks i think

The next day was island hopping time

Captain and first mate

Gorgeous scenery

Enlarge this to see the people walking between the two islands during
low tide.

Hong island


Beware the Bunnies for they are everywhere!!!!!

Aaaahhhhh Chicken island.Apt name.

I swam with the fishes ; )

Very nice

Words sometimes cannot do this justice

Local boys having the time of their lives.Grass is always greener isn't it

Limestone cliffs of Railey Beach

Longtail boats.The design hasn't changed much for ages.

Early morning the next day i had to set out for home.
A stop along the way.

Good quality roads.Malaysia has better infrastructure but Thailand
has much better engineered roads.

RnR along the way

And another

Finally back in Malaysia .At the border.

Didnt take pics of the ride home as it was slab all the way.
My longest trip ever-1763km

Map of the route

This trip has been a long time coming.I enjoyed it throughly
even though there were parts of long hours and hard riding.
Now if only i could afford that FJR........



  1. bro..u r the real biker la bro..always go lone ranger.

    Very nice..and nice pics. ni yang tak senang duduk nih. We should plan for another ride to here.

    will meet u soon bro..

    p/s: racun baikk punyerr!!

  2. We are all the same bro.
    Bikers one and all.
    Definately we should plan for another ride : )

  3. yezzaa..approx on June or ...? early preparation is better..;)

    p/s: money...money...where is my moneyyyyy..hahahah

  4. Mid Mei or June pun boleh.
    Phuket macam mana bro.
    Nanti TTs kita bincang itenary :)

  5. Make sure your bike ready Mersing.
    Then kita jalan..... : )

  6. Greetings from indonesia ...

    nice report and does it need carnet to enter thailand ?

  7. Hi Daddynaeva.
    I've really enjoyed your blog.
    Regarding your question if you are using a Malaysian bike you dont need a carnet, but if you are using an Indonesian reg bike i'm not 100% sure. I dont think so as we are all part of ASEAN. But it'll be better to check.
    Cheers bro.

  8. Awesome post bro!
    Beautiful pictures... make me wanna hop on the bike and hit the road!!

  9. Thanks bro.
    Will join you to hit the road : )

  10. still never get bored with ur pics....
    no english words could replace "MANTOP~~!!!"
    Sheesh... can't wait to ride there......