02 January 2010

Happy New Year Everyone.
A couple of friends and i decided to ride up to our seaside resort town of Cherating
on the East coast of Malaysia .The plan was basically , a nice relaxing
ride , chill and explore.We left KL around 9am and we were sitting in our hotel in
Cherating having lunch around 12.30pm. This with a relaxed pace.( Some parts
were not so relaxed ; )
We were still fresh so after lunch and checking in we rode up to the state of
Terengganu and explored a bit.
In the evening it was beer by the beach and the sea breeze , heaven !!
We went to one of the local sea food restaurants for a traditional local dinner
and sat and talked till late .
The next day AS USUAL i had to leave early to go back for work.
So after saying bye to the nonresponsive sleeping bodies of my friends
i had a nice ride back and was in the office on time .Yay : (

Breakfast before leaving

A pit stop after the karak highway.

Nice surroundings at the R&R stop.

Band of Riders

Almost at Cherating

Special parking for Superbikes ; )

First view of the sea.

Very nice - click to enlarge

Nice room

More of the pool

The next few shots are of the beautiful Cherating Beach.

Riders in the water

They were having fun alright

Excellent coast line

You have to enlarge this. - CLICKY. The next day on the
way back.Beautiful road.

Final rest stop on the way home.Nice landscaping.

Reached home and headed out again ASAP.
Work sucks.
Riding dosen't.


  1. waaaa...published oredi!! Nice pics bro..
    so next plan?? hehehe...

  2. Memang nak pergi lagi bro.
    Kali ini you jadi tuan tanah la :)

  3. nk lepas sempadan ke?hehehe..

  4. dun forget meeeee...!!!

    "non-responsive bodies of my friends..."