14 December 2009

Finally got the time to go for a ride again as the past few weeks its been
busy and the weather has been rain.rain and more rain.A few guys decided to
ride down to Melaka and try out the track there.Since i've never been there
i decided to join them.The ''track'' is a small ,newly built track meant mainly
for cub prix and go-karts.But larger bikes and even cars use it.The total circuit
length is about 1.55km.Not too bad.The ride down to Melaka was just "ok" as the
highway was full of cars and it was really windy with bad cross winds.
Anyway met the guys there and we had a nice time riding around.After a nice
lunch kindly organised by the Melaka riders the rest of the riders went back to the
track.I of course had to leave for .................... work : (

Rest area on the way to Melaka.

Nice landscaping

Melaka International Motorsports Circuit

Waiting for the gates to open

Eye candy

More eye candy

View of the front straight from the pit lane

Main track.Its bigger than it looks.

Grandstand view

Turn 1

The pits

Our pits
Action shots

Another shot of the Grandstand

Rest stop on the way home.

Overall i had a nice time.Meet new friends and went to a new place.
Nice . Cheers.


  1. wahlauuuu...!! u did it bro. I plan to join u guys there but i felt no much energy to ride to Malacca.

    Nice pics bro.. ;)