19 October 2009

Ok.Lets start this of by saying that this is the longest bike trip of my life.
Compared to the ride reports i enjoy so much on ADVrider this is nothing but
i guess you've got to start somewhere.I took a 3D2N ride from ,D1 Kl-Gerik -Banding
Lake-Gerik ~ 440km. D2 Gerik - Kuantan via Kelantan and Terengganu ~ 550km.
D3 Kuantan - Home ~ 260km.I left home early on Saturday to bright sunshine(very
important as its been raining the past 2 weeks).And surprisingly there was 3 days of great weather.Took the NS highway to Kuala Kangsar and then the trunk roads to Gerik.
Checked in and took a ride to Banding Lake.I had to see the lake on the first day as the next
day was going to be brutal.On the second day i rode from the state of Perak-Kelantan-Pahang.That was a real test of my endurance.8 hours on the bike.3 states and thank god for my Airhawk seat.Reached Kuantan around 3pm and checked into the Hyatt again.I actually wanted to stay at Cherating Beach but the pictures of the hotels were not very bike friendly.Had a nice long soak, a nice long massage and a nice long dinner.Left the next day back home.After the previous days ride the ride home of 260km of highway was over in an instant.Total trip 1,234km .More smilies than miles : )

On the north south highway near Bukit Beruntung.

View of Ipoh from the hills


Nice surroundings in the rest stop.

View of whats to come.

Finally the road to Gerik.Excellent roads , mainly long sweepers.

Beautiful top gear sweepers

Lake Raban on the way to Gerik.

Nice huh.

Virgin jungle surrounds you.

As it was a public holiday a lot of bikers were out and about.

Nice peak in the distance.

Stayed at Gerik rest house as the Banding lake resort was full.

Nice room though.

Left my bags and rode to Banding Lake.Really nice and big.
The road to get here was 40km of twisties from Gerik.This after
a few hour ride.Woohoo.

Its so spread out i could only photograph parts of it.

Halfabusa resting.

More lake

Army camp next to the lake.Nice amoured car.

WTF ?????? Seriously??

Love these roads.

And the scenery.


When i got back to my room there was an evil helmet gremlin waiting for me.
Managed to catch the bugger.

On the way to Kelantan the next day.Again ,virgin jungle
and twisties .oh yeah.

Climbing up the Titiwangsa Range.

View behind the bike from the previous pic.Hills above the clouds.Clicky

At the top of the Titiwangsa.Beautiful huh?

Interesting rock formation.

Somewhere in Kelantan.A short break.

Kelantanese coffee.Delicious.

Second break.People were looking at me funny as i was riding solo.

Third stop in Terengganu.Nice coastal roads all the way to Kuantan.

See the Airhawk.Without it i would have not made it this far.
Quaint village houses in the background.

After 8 hours and 550km of B/trunk roads i finally reach Kuantan.
Now Hafabusa can rest in the bike friendly private parking.

After a bath and a massage i had the best calamari and lasangna EVER.

View from the Italian restaurant.

Had a well deserved rest and left the next morning for home.

A break along the east west highway.

Going to go up in life soon.

I've never ever seen Genting Highlands so clearly before.Ever!!

Top of the pic is Thailand.Left is Indonesia and below is Singapore.
Eventhough it was a relatively short trip it stil covered the northern half
of peninsular Malaysia - clicky

Reached home tired but happy.

This trip has been long in planning due to the nature of my work
Thanks to my wife and it being a public holiday i got to indulge.
Am back at work now eventhough i rode in at 12pm today.Have to plan for
the next one now.Cheers.


  1. Really love to read your posts...
    secretly follow it. Creepy eh Doc?

    Wonder when will we ride together?
    Hopefully soon enough.
    ~Cheers~ - sri_mersing81

  2. damn nice bro..!!! we should plan for another "santai" ride next year.