07 April 2010

Been too busy to ride.Exams early May.Bored and tired so
a bit of time wasting : )

NOTE- All the pics in this post are taken from the internet
so if you are the owner please let me know and i'll give
you full credit .

This is the animal that started it all. The Yamaha RD 350.
I was a student at that time and OMG it really is a giant killer.
Good memories

My previous bike.The Suzuki GSX1100R.Pull your arms off power
but a Semi truck kind of handling around corners.Loved it though.

Mmmmmm. Been eyeing this baby.Its either this or a VFR800.

May paint it like this.cool huh

And finally.One day i hope to get something like this.
"So you don't want to let me pass bit*h ?? , Eat this ''

Fantasy over.Back to work.

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