06 September 2016

Blue Jackets Drive Hard 5 - Pt 1

For the 5th edition of the Blue Jackets Drive Hard the plan was to circumnavigate the Malaysian peninsular over a period of 5 days. Minimal highways and more B and C roads with curves ,curves and more curves  :-)
Sweepers also , long and short.  All in driving heaven .
Now some of these car are multi million dollar vehicles, so why push them so hard instead of driving in style to the nearest starbucks .

The answer. 

Wise words .

Day 1

Early morning meet up .

In KL we have 4 touges at a relatively nearby distance to the capital.

Usually on weekends , drivers and bikers will pick one route for a half day run.

Being drive hard.....

.....it was decided to drive all 4 touge sections in one day .

Hence the name -Drive Hard or Piss Off.

Leaving the capital ...

What a line up of cars.

Meeting a couple more cars along the way .

Then its time to roll .

The 4 sections are-

Kl - Kuala Klawang - Karak   ; Touge 1

Karak - Goh Tong -Ulu Yam   ; Touge 2

Ulu Yam - KKB - Frasers Hill     ;  Touge 3

Frasers Hill - Sg Koyan - Cameron Highlands   ; Touge 4

Most of the drive was at a highly sedate pace.  

HIGHLY sedate   :-P

Highways 200+  - 300+ if you wish . 

B roads 170 - 200

C roads -   120 - 170

Once the roads opened up ,these guys shot off....

Not too far ahead but still an interesting pace .

Fuel for the beasts .

Lead car .

We decided to leave the Lotus and bring the Porsche .

" Tell him to not drive like an arthritic old lady "    :-P

Back on the roads and soon i was in my little bubble .

Most of the cars infront...

And a few behind .
The red is a 900hp GTR if i'm not mistaken .

And they are off. 

Sweepers .

My bubble  :-)

Old school buildings  .

And great views .

More fuel as high speeds demand it .

Its my first time pushing the Porsche .

I'll give an opinion at the end . 

Waiting for the rest to fuel up

Then its a short Karak highway blast till the Genting turn off

Nice huh. 

I'd better not state the speeds here  ;-P

Time for the hill run .

Buddies  :-)

All i remember is the roads. Not even a single view of the surroundings .
Because all concentration was forwards .

Baby no 4

A beauty huh .

These 2 are very cool .

One for the husband and one for the wife .

After a short break...

Its downhill now .

You'll see a lot of my little bubble of space .

Caught up for now .

Nice view huh .

The start of Touge 3 .

What a line up .

Up towards Frasers .

911 Turbo S

So long ,Farewell   :-P

Amazing roads...

Next to the dam .

This is Malaysia .

Beautiful huh .

Curves.... and grippy roads .

A short break at the Gap .

Some TLC .

Now for Touge 4 .

The most important aspect of the drive for you is your mental stamina .
For the cars are the brakes and tyres . 

A stop for lunch in Raub .

Then for the final part .

Its already late afternoon here .

A bit of traffic here .

Then  :-)  :-)

Such a slow group  :-P

A bit more traffic...

Then bubble time .

Another short fuel stop .

Thankfully the Porsche has great consumption .

The Lotus will need to fuel up regularly .

I think we were doing 170+ here. 

Fantastic grippy roads .

Nice sweepers .

Like so !!!!!!!

Wonderful !


Towards late evening we reach Camerons .

A short stop to regroup .

Bunny and her bunny and her car .

A really nice hotel in Camerons .

With a view of the hill station .

Cold  :-(

Dinner ,drinks ,friends and zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Oh and a massage also  :-P

Day 2

Bright and early...

Looking down on our babies .

Zoom .

After breakfast...

Its time to regroup ...

Put our luggage away .

Sticker some of the cars...

And get the days briefing .

Today will be quite relaxed .

While waiting for the stickering .

Time for pics  :-)

Poor baby .

Almost time to go .

Rolling out...

From Camerons , we will head to the highway...

Then a straight run to Penang island .

Along the way 1 car had a flat...

So we pulled up to wait for the repairs to be done .

And fuel up at the same time .

What a convoy .

All hardcore drivers .

Back on the road.

Some bad patches .

All taken in stride .

Then back on the great roads .

My fortress of solitude  :-P  ( think i'm doing 200 here in the straights  )

Nice huh .

Soon we're down the hill... and regrouped again .

Time to move .

Now for the Malaysian highways .

Fast grippy tarmac .

Approaching the Ipoh hills .

On my six .

We will head to Penang...

Where we will be met by a Blue Jackets member and taken to a late lunch .

Ferraris   :-)

Rain or shine.... still we move .

Another fuel break .

Waiting for the rest .

I'm very impressed with this car .

Back on the road....

Now onto the Penang bridge .

Still dry roads .

Then its starts to rain .

Ah well...

Follow the leader .

On the island...

We meet the yellow Ferrari  .

We drive in to a village...

With narrow roads .

Till we reach here .

A great lunch and local fruits .

Everyone was starving .

Our steeds resting.

After everyone was satisfied...

It was back in the cars .

And a short way more.  

A fast couple .

Soon its in our hotel...

And a really great room .

With a view .

Dinner , drinks ,friends and zzzzzzzzzzz

Tomorrow is going to be longer than day 1  .   :-)

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