03 August 2016

Porsche Cayman....our new baby .

                                                                              Part 1

                                     We recently saw a new addition to the family   :-)  :-)

During the recent holidays Han and i decided to drive and register the car at the border crossing so that subsequent crossings will be easy .

The drive up north was done at a nice sedate speed .

Checking to see if the rear wing deploys as advertised .

Sedate  :-)

Yup  :-)  :-)

No rush and an easy drive.....

And after crossing the border...time for food :-)

Dinner ,massage and zzzzzzz
The next day its back home .
Having fun here.....

3 seconds later we get pulled over by the cops for speeding.

After a hilarious encounter with the cops we were let off with just a warning .
Back to our sedate speed and home  :-)

Part 2

The real owner is back  :-(

So a small photo shoot happens .

This is as close as i can get to the car from now on  :-(

Possessive much  ???

Ah well at least i got one drive  :-)

Part 3

Madam wanted to go for a drive .

The Blue Jackets invited us for a Sunday drive on the same day . 

Being newbies we will be bringing up the rear .

These guys are very very skilled and fast . 

And these are top of the line vehicles . 

Hardcore cars and drivers . 

After a spirited drive its time for some food and laughs . 

A couple of hours out of the city  

She did well for her first ever drive on these roads . 

Her 10th anniversary present  :-) 

Making our way home with the Blue Jackets means bringing your A game . 

A very nice Aston . 

More adventures to come .
Cheers .

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