21 November 2015

Lotus Driving Academy 2015

Lotus Cars Malaysia organised a driving course for the Lotus owners.
This is to teach us the proper techniques of handling these rockets.
Many things were covered and having driven for 28 years and having attended the
 BMW driving course ,this still was an eye opener and a whole load of fun  :-)

Early morning registration.

Here .

With breakfast...

Then a briefing of what is going to be covered today.

Instructors on the left.

Have fun !!   :-)

The parking lot.

Hmmmmmm  familiar  :-)

Mine  :-)

What a beaut.

The proving grounds.

Rest area with cold drinks.

Necessary as its a hot day.

Start from the basics.. 

My baby  :-P

The weapons for today.

3 Elises and 1 Exige.

Basically the instructors demonstrated what to do.....

...then we try not to cock it up...ha ha ha


The blue jug is soap......

Then add water  :-)

Then go crazy..... 

The near car demonstrates the slalom ,racing line and braking...

And the far car demonstrates.....

...how to control oversteer and understeer.

                                                     After a long hot session its time for lunch.

Good food at the buffet .

A final talk...

...and certs .

Lotus cars Malaysia organised a great course with a lot of class. From the cars, people ,venue and driving experience ...it was all great .
What a day .

From here....after a 3 minute drive i reached home..........  ha ha ha
This was held right next to my house  :-)


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