02 November 2015

Jawa - Bali Adventure Ride Final part.

Day 7

Early morning in Bromo.

Looks like somewhere in Nepal with the mountains and all.

We stayed in a homestay.

After breakfast we rode a short way back to the Bromo viewing point.

To get the views in the daytime.

Batok center and Bromo on the left .

We're on the rim of the Tengger Caldera.

See the temple.?

Zoom...bottom right there.

See those dots on the bottom right ?

Many jeeps.

We rode there .

Right there  :-)

Team leader and team guide. 

Final preparations.

Good bye homestay.

Time to ride .

Cold here.

Narrow roads .....

.....with fantastic scenery.


Poverty everywhere.

The views reminded us of China.

Many jeeps with oversized tyres.

Pine trees.

Finally made it down.

A short break here.


Then move again.

Going to be a long day today.

Almost at the east end of Jawa.

Riding by the sea.


But the views  :-)

Further down we rode through a national park.

The only part of Jawa that was nice and quiet.

We also had great weather throughout the trip.

Finally we reach the end of the island.

From here we will take a ferry to Bali.


For that.


Parking inside.

And seating upstairs.

Good bye Java.

Hello Bali  :-)

Almost there.

Riding in Bali  :-)

The iconic Balinese gate.

Welcome to Bali.

We're headed to Denpasar.

A very unique arch.

Colour of the trip.

On the bike.

Much less traffic then in Java.

Great roads.

And views.

All the on the bike shots are by Han.

Look at the last 2 helmets. Eyes are NOT on the road.  ha ha ha

Look at that .

We stopped to enjoy the unique view.

Why unique ?

Because we can see 4 volcanoes in the sunset.

This too  ha ha ha

L-R     Gunung(mountain)   Bromo, Batok, Semeru & Argopuro.

From there we had to ride in the night ,through highlands which were very cold  ,till we finally reached Denpasar.
Check in ,eat and zzzzzzzzzzzz

Day 8

Our last day.

Our flight is in the evening.....

So we used the morning to tour.

Good planning huh.
We hired a SUV cause its straight to the airport after this..

Streets of Bali.

Hindu motifs.


Nice sculpture.

The classic Balinese gate.

Again everywhere.

All land is used.

Like in Java,

Traditional Balinese costumes.

.....and the architecture  that is unique only to this island.

Volcanoes in the distance.

Temples everywhere.

We're headed to the highlands.

Fantastic views along the way.

Nice huh.

Finally we reached the first attraction in Bedegul.

The temple on the lake....

...in the center of a volcano .





Temples everywhere.

Once in a lifetime.

Traditional outfits.

There was some celebration going on.

Stupas .

Not so traditional outfits  :-P

This is more like it.

As we walk along .

Till finally.

                                           Pura Ulun Danu Beratan

After all the planning.

The iconic Balinese temple roofs.

Local devotees.

Look at that.


Thatched roofs.

Ornate designs.

It never gets old  :-)

That...   :-)

We view from all angles.

And look at everything .


Its said she only comes out at night...ha ha ha

Back thataway.

All of us were impressed.

And dead tired    ha ha ha

Our final stop in Bali...

The surroundings of the 2nd place.

Ehem...  straight and turn right   :-P

Why is everyone looking at those animals...?

Through those gates.


The Tanah lot temple.

Surrounding views.

Nice huh.

The temple on the sea.

So cool.

Even nicer during the high tide.

Tide going out.

We made it.

After the whole ride...

We still made more memories.

A final look.

Then its goodbye to Indonesia.
Our helmets and gear are in the boxes.

Bali's airport.

This ride was organised completely by Han.
 With the very good help and guidance from Adi Aghoy
(who started out as our guide but ended as our good friend ) of  Equatorrad MotoAdventure ,
 this trip was full of color.
This is Indonesia ,True Adventure.
 Fantastic views ,good food, great riding  and good friends make it a fantastic trip. 
The only problem when we have a great ride .......is we can't wait for the next one ha ha ha.

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