28 April 2015

Ride to Kanchanaburi and Ayuthaya.

Tayargolek.com recently organised a ride quite far up north for 15 bikes. Being jobless i decided to tag along. Some of the places in the ride we've seen and some are new. 
The ride was for 6days 5 nights ,and this was not a holiday ride but a pre- adventure ride. 

**As usual all the on the bike pics are by Han

Day 1

Early morning meet up

Big boss   :-P

The plan was for 860km today.

Our first rest stop

Heading north.

Quite a big group for a long ride.

2nd stop ,still early.

The 3rd stop before Thailand.

To change money and get our paperwork done.

After a quick border crossing we're riding in Thailand.

15 bikes in total.

Dusky Black FJR.

It was hot... better than rain though.

Our destination is Surathani.

We reached the hotel before dark.

Today is just to make up the miles.
Tomorrow we reach our destination

That's a hotel.

Looking for dinner in a mall.

Found it.

Some of the riders.

A nice dinner after a long day.

Day 2

Nice hotel.

All the bikes ready.

Time to ride.

Usain ??

Riding through the Isthmus of Kra.

Nice Thai roads.

A stop for the riders to make memories.

Group photo at a famous landmark.

Followed by some rest and fuel.

We've a long way to go.

Accident scene.

Another stop an hour later.

Then back on the bike.

No stopping for rain.

A stop here for the group to capture this moment.

We are near Bangkok and the traffic increases a lot.

Our final stop.

Soon we reach our destination.

Standing to let the blood flow.
I don't know where they get these ideas  :-P

Very nice shot by Han


Before dinner we'll take a short detour...

Big boss !!

To visit the River Kwai bridge.

The first time here is always magical.

Don't try this at home  :-P  

Our 2nd time here.

The River Kwai.

And the surroundings.

Some of the riders.

ha ha ha ha

On train tracks huh  !!!

Huge WW2 bombs.

We went for dinner at the exact place Han and I visited in 2011.

Still great food.

Time to eat and rest , for tomorrow we tour.

Day 3

The next day before breakfast we visit the bridge with our bikes.

To get the all important photo of the bike and bridge.

my baby :-)

Taking pictures while looking at the local flora and fauna.

Meet Flora...

...and Fauna  ha ha ha

Group photo.

So peacefull.............   NOW

The size of the bomb.

The whole route of the Death railway.

Old Heli....

Emperor Han       :-P  

The boys really enjoyed the achievement.

It is a big thing , to ride here.

A last look...

Then we visit the JEATH museum.

As i've been here in 2011 , this time it was for them.

A nice hot coffee while they tour  :-)

Nice decor.

Nice huh    

The bridge and flowers.

Today is a long day.

Tools from WW2

Back to the hotel and breakfast...

Old steam train..

Back to the hotel. 
After breakfast its on the bike.

We're going to see some pussy cats.

But first we visit the Hellfire pass.

Nice quiet roads.

The roads ends in Burma( Myanmar)

A long day today.

Finally we reach it.

You have to walk quite a bit...

Going down is not a problem....

Coming up a few hundred steps is a big problem.

Still happy happy...

The actual cutting...

Stones for the rails.

See the sleepers ?
lying here since WW2.

A bit of history.

The tracks look new...

Memorials to the POWs.

The cutting through the stone hill.

More sleepers.

The official memorial.

Our fearless leader.   :-P

Now we have to walk up a few HUNDRED stairs....

At the top.
Old coaches ...

Subsequently we visited the museum.

More history.

Life as it was....

Remenants found in the area.....

Wars are still all around us !!!

Such a beautiful country.

A last look..... BTW  thats Burma in the horizon  :-)

Time to ride.

Now we are going to see cats..

Lovely roads.

A big group.....

Look at the views  ...

Here we are.....cats.....

A short ride in...

Tickets first...


A temple in the background.

With novice monks.

Here we are  :-)


BIG cats   :-)

Nope ,not a cat  :-P

We went down to the canyon.

While out on an evening stroll. 

That thing is huge.

Look at the size of the paw.

TOO close.

Han , a full grown man next to a full grown tiger...look at the difference.

So cool.

Imagine if it stands...the height it will reach.

This one got pissed and started to roar....so cool.

Ears back ,stand clear.

Dinner ???

On our way out.  Quite fun.

Back to Kanchanaburi and rest....for tomorrow is another long day.

Day 4

On the bike.

Today we will take the guys to the ancient capital of Thailand....

The city of Ayuthaya.

Han and i have been here and thoroughly explored it in 2011.

So this is for the guys.

Passing Suphanburi.

Almost there.

Riding through the ancient city.

We stopped at a few monuments for the guys to explore and take pics.

This is a magical place.

2011 and again in 2015

Many lakes in the city.

My baby  :-)

From one monument we went to another. 


....and their mahouts dressed up in the traditional garb.

ha ha ha  :-)

Lots of ollies.

A great picture op.

The 2nd stop.

The 3rd and final stop.

The site of the famous Buddha head.

A bit in and to the right.

So cool.

Classic design -the Mr. Bean tuk tuk. 

And that concludes 2 full days of touring.

Now we're headed south.

In the evening we reach our destination.

By the beach .

Nice huh.

A very nice chalet. 

Dinner and zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Day 5

2 more days of riding. 

A short stop by the beach...

For a photo op.

A great beach.

Nice and empty. 

This is the benefit of the lesser known places.

Nice huh.

Tired but content.

On the way out...

We passed some nice karst formations.

Reminds us of Laos.

So we stopped for a while...

Nice place.


Back on the road.

Once the cows pass , that is .

A bit of off roading.

Not too bad.

Nothing compared to the other Asean countries.

Near to the Malaysian border...

Reach our hotel ,and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Its home tomorrow.

Day 6

One bike had some issues so it was a late start.


Finally , on the bike.

back in Malaysia.

Some of the guys exited early as they came from different states.

Our final stop.

Finally home. 
This ride was mainly for the guys and not for us.
Its called a pre-adventure ride as the real rides up north and to different countries is much tougher.
But this is a good start.  

More rides later. 


  1. Nice pre-ride. You guys musta been tired for 6 days straight. Are you planning to ride north solo sometime in the future?

  2. This ride was organised by www.tayargolek.com . There will be rides in the future , you can check at the site or on the tayargolek FB page .cheers.