17 March 2015

Outback Adventure - Part 2

                                                                                Day 6

                                                                Today we ride  !!!!!!!!!!!                                 

Bicycles ...that is  


First we thought we'll cycle to the rock .....

...its only about 15km...

In the end it was Noooooooooooo

We'll drive there...


...and then cycle around the Rock.

You can climb up here...its only 1000 feet  :-P

No thank you !!

And so starts the early morning horror...

At least some one's happy.

Its all dirt trails around the Rock....

A stop at a cave here.....  

Ancient cave paintings.....

First time for me....seeing cave paintings.

A real treasure .

a bit of background below.

Eons of water left this mark.

Another cave.

Surfs up .....


Many caves with a lot of history.

Blackened roofs...

The ride continues...

We're headed to a watering hole...in the middle of a desert.

Sometimes if you approach quietly you get to see mermaids.

Water marks.....

The watering hole. Remember this is a desert.


The camera sound scared them off  ...ha ha ha

The ride continues.   

in the desert...

Temp 41 C.
She was smiling.....

While i was cursing.....very quietly.

Its only 10am here.

After 11 am they close the trails as people will die of heatstroke !!!

The distance of the trail is about 12km...

98% of the people we saw were walking....

2 tried to steal the bikes (jokingly ) and 4 asked us where we got them.

imagine walking 12 km , dirt trails and 41 C heat

So long suckers....ha ha ha

Half way around the rock .

See the trail ?

nice huh .

1000 feet up.

Walkers  ha ha ha

Finally. Touching the rock.

ha ha ha

Us  :-)

Look at how big it is.

More water marks.

Finally the torture is over. 
With all the stops it took us an hour and a half on bikes. 
Imagine walking.!!!

Since we're here we'll take a drive to see the Olgas.

40+ km away


Its the Rocks lesser known cousin.

This time we don't leave the RV. 

Glorious AC ha ha ha

Nice huh.

Seen and done.....

Wild desert flowers.

Heading back.

Hooked up and interior AC on full blast  :-)

lunch time.

Not too bad huh, roughing it like this.

After lunch  :-)

why not....

Since we're here...

...and never coming back ( we don't do repeats)

We'll make the most of it.

THAT is the whole town !!!

And the surroundings.

Mt Conner....90km away .

We flew around the rock...

And saw it from a different perspective.

The Olgas.

A last look.

Thats the whole airport.


What a day  :-)

Day 7

All packed up and its time to leave.

Now we'll take a slow drive over a few days to  Adelaide.

A rest stop...

For the view.

Mt Conner close up

My ride :-)

Down the road.

Lots and lots of emus.

Road Train .

Beeeeeeeeeeg .

We stopped at Coober Pedy...which in the Abo language means '' white man in a hole'' ..really
ha ha ha 

Guess what they do here.

Back on the road .

From Brisbane ,to Ayers Rock.......

...and now to Adelaide. 

We've 3 days to make the trip now.

nice huh.

Sleep is as usual .under the stars  :-)

Day 8

A road train.

Look at that  ....

Left it is .

Huge lakes....which are totally dry !!

Aussie roads.

More dry lakes.

We decided to push straight to Adelaide so we'll have an extra day there. 

Onwards it is.

Finally we see some water.

More dry lakes though.

Flinders Range ahead.

We crossed it last night.

Its all southwards.

Sea on the right.....

Hills on the left.

That makes for great views.

No confusion with these signs huh .!!

After flatlands for thousands of miles.....

This is a nice change.

Finally ,the driving is over.

Check in , unpack ,sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Day 9

Our last day in Oz and what do we do ?

Whatever she wants ha ha ha.

Stupid bicycles.

So its early morning along the beach in Adelaide.....

People are sleeping.....

...and we're cycling.

Joy  :-p

at least someone's happy.

and her minions.

Us :-)

2 happy bunnies .

Nice architecture.

After this it was explore Adelaide a bit then pack and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

This trip was for a very specific reason. 
To live in a RV and to see the stars.
We did both and the total experience was priceless. 
You can't buy experiences ,you have to live it.

It doesn't matter where you go , or how  ,as long as you go !!


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