21 September 2010


I haven't had much time to ride recently as i've been a bit busy travelling. I was lucky enough to get a
chance to visit the beautiful country of Switzerland. Words cannot do it justice and it was truly a once
in a lifetime experience. My only regret was that i was on four wheels when there were so many travellers on two wheels.A few sights..........


                                      Mount Titlis 

                                        Where I did MY shopping    : )


                                  The lion of Lucerne ( Saw this pic in ADVrider and never thought i'll
                                   see it myself )

                                     Jungfraujoch- Here we are walking THROUGH a glacier

More Interlaken 

                                        The Mighty Matterhorn

                                     And its glaciers

                                         Lovely countryside.


The mighty Rhine Falls.( First seen by me also on ADVrider) 

      This is one country where you can't take a bad picture even if you wanted to.
Every corner and view is gorgeous.


  1. perghh!!! best nyer.. cantek2 view kat sana, kalau dpt ride mesti lg best.. tgk yamaha super tanere yg tak tahan tu.. idaman kalbu.. hehe..

  2. Sounds like a nice trip. I was there a few years back. Was in Lucern and Zurich on holiday with family. Didn't do Mt Titlis as their facilities were closed for some major maintenance so we did Mt Pilatus instead. Very clean country. I may be going back again next year - on two wheels this time.

  3. It's such a beautiful country Nik isn't it.
    To ride there esp, the Alps will be fantastic.
    And with the pics you take ..... can't wait ; )