16 August 2010

Sawadee kap .
I managed to get a few days off to ride and where else to ride but to Thailand  .To make things interesting
(which means difficult as i later found out) i decided to ride to Pak Bara in Satun via Wang Kelian
border post in Perlis. Spend the night there by the beach and the next day ride to Betong.Initially i wanted to ride through southern Thailand.Unfortunately with increasing violence in recent months i decided to exit via Dan Nok border in to Malaysia, ride to Baling and enter Betong from there .
The ride to  Perlis was great and towards the end i was having too much fun   : )
The bike is still new to me but it was a great handling ride.
So after entering Perlis everything was new,and the road to the border was a real village road.
Border passed and in to Thailand i went.Smooth roads and a smooth ride to the beach.
What more could there be ?

                                Bought these bags from the US and its such a real essential touring item.
                                Packed and ready to leave.

                                             Early morning weather check.Looks ok so far.

Misty roads for the first few hours of the ride.
Nice and cool.

Its around 9am here .Should be blazing hot.

Rest along the way.Isn't it nice to ride without time constraints.

Finally the sun is out.By this time i was in Gurun for the paperwork .

                                             Road to Wang Kelian border.No cars makes a nice ride.
                                          But then is starts to rain .And the border post is up a hill .
                                  with Switch backs that make TiTi Kong look like childs play.
                                                               In the rain . Alone . FUN ! 

This is not a mamak shop.This is the Whole Border post !!!  

And this is the road in to Thailand immediately after the border.
Macam pasar malam  ; ) 

Took a nice ride to the beach and found this motel near the beach.  

Sometimes i think any hotel is fine as long as the parking is good  ; )
Covered parking here. 

Found this other ''resort along the beach''  

Cool huh

Nice beach though. 

Not too bad. 

Now for pics of my bike. Don't complain ! 
Click to see the reflection of the clouds on the sea.Cool!

My new wall paper.

More reflections on the sea here.
The cool part is i've never seen a reflection on the sea as its always moving. 

No more shiny bike. 

Where to now ? Hmmmmm 

Nice Thai roads.

The sign says...  

Whats the saying again-''once you go bag you can't go back''  ? 

Reached the border at Dan Nok and left to Betong via Baling.  

                                          Old Bike.

New bike at almost the same spot.

                                           Thanks to that little GPS i can ride into places i can't even read the road signs
                              and explore other countries.  Its a really great investment esp if you like to  explore.     

Road to Baling. 

                                             Finally........ the 3rd border in 2 days.

                                              Sights in Betong

Beautiful Temple. 

Apparently the only road tunnel in the Kingdom ...i  think.   

Mmmmmmmmm KFC

View from my hotel room. 

Not too bad. 

THATS IT about Betong.
There's more , lots more , but due to censorship  regulations
i'm unable to provide further info.I can be bribed though ; )
Email or sms for easy payment scheme.

Leaving Sin city the next day.
oops,  did i say that !

                                                No matter the place ,after a while you just want to ride again.

                                           Gerik to K.Kangsar road was fantastic.

loooooooooog sweepers.

Bike needs a wash badly.  

                                            R&R on the way back.

First decent trip with the new bike.
174kmph only so far.New still la 

Not too bad a distance. 

                                         Reached home , had a bath , changed and am at work now writing this.
                                         I woke up in Thailand this morning and in the afternoon am at
                                         work. Well got to pay for fuel.
                                          Was a great ride.


  1. cayalah bro.. really great ride huh..

  2. I'm Jealous. I'd like to be able to do this someday. But too concerned with language barrier and safety considering the riots some time back. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Nik.
    You'll definately do a ride north and beyond bro.
    The only restriction to this and anyting else is always our own selves.
    The only language we need to know is a ''smile''.
    Thats it.GPS really helps though. ; )

  4. love the way u write about ur rides...
    totally agree with u on the language bit plus the usefulness of the gps...