08 March 2009

I'm sitting for my Masters exams in excatly 54 days. Also i work every day from 2pm to 10 pm. Exam wise the timing is good as it means i can study for a few hours peacefully.....................
.............right. Ah screw it lets ride .
leaving everything i decided to go to a new place for the ride.The internet has really opened up many new and interesting places to see and visit , and google earth provides you with the overview..So easy.
Today i went for a short 100km ride to Batu dam .The ride was mainly slab till gombak area then canyon roads.Saw a lot of bikers coming back from Ulu Yam .

First sighting of the Dam

Half way down the road along the dam there is a small rest area.

My new wall paper : )

No idea what those structures are????

Further along the road i cam to the southernmost point of the dam with another rest area

Obligatory bike pic

Everyone has their passions.

Took a nice ride back ,got changed and went to work..Blah.

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