21 February 2009

There was a long weekend during the CNY hols so i decided to visit the Semenyih dam for a look see. Mrs and me took a nice ride and since we got the interphone communicator we could talk to each other through out the ride.

We got to the dam after navigating the kampung roads, not too bad really but being a public holiday everybody was out .We reached the dam finally and took a ride along it and stopped and took some pics.After that we wanted to hit another dam nearby in pangsun but the gates were closed.
After all that riding we went to a restaurant with a view of the whole klang valley.
Really nice view and windy up there.So in one ride we get to see the dam and an excellant hill view.

Bunnyrider at the dam

Yours truly

Semenyih dam

The view from the restaurant.
Thats the whole klang valley.Nice innit.
Look out point restaurant is the name and its located in ampang-google it.


This is a close up of the whole of kl city proper. Now you get a better perspective huh

This is the restaurant proper.there are 2 other different restaurants in the same area.
Nice and clean and the food is not too bad.Except for 2 stupid cats grrrr

Balcony view

After the luch we took a slow ride home and ZZZZZZZ.

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