10 January 2009

Allo everybody

I have been searching for the right windscreen for myself and unfortunately the previous screens have not been up to mark.I purchased my latest screen from California scientific.


Now i decided to take a relatively longer ride to really test its performance.I had the screen for 2 months before i could go on a 2 day trip but from short day rides i noticed

- minimal buffeting
- Really calm air if you tuck in slightly
- Very much reduced buffeting on overtaking an 18 wheeler .
- Much more relaxed n comfortable ride

The screen has a vent cut into it to reduce back pressure and the new ninja650r 2009 model has a similar configuration.My ride consisted of 300km coastal B roads and 200km freeway return trip over 2 days.I wanted to see the handling and test all aspects of the bike.
So after saying goodbye to my understanding wife :lol:


Dont leave home with out the Garmin

Living in the city this is something we hardly see.

Riding through the villages the roads were not as nice but still quite empty and a blast

Stopped at one of the beaches for a break

Around lunch I reached my destination( 200km done now to laze :D ) and checked in.

View from the room

Lunch yummy ; Beer at the beach - priceless

They let us park superbikes at the lobby entrance

My country has got really beautiful beaches

The next day i visited an old ruin/tourist spot ~100km away (any excuse to ride)

After visiting a few other places i headed home.Slab all the way.I averaged about 140-150kmph (with a few forays into the 180+  ) but the bike was steady and wind protection was excellent.Overtaking large rigs was a breeze and i really had issues with the stock screen esp with this .The only con about it is there is no lip at the pointy edge so it just rests on the headlight fairing.Its still a keeper though.

Before anyone comments about how unsporty it may or may not look.i really dont care.My comfort is critical and if i wanted to impress others i would have bought a Gixxer or R1.

Now all i have to do is get a better seat as my butt was sore as hell after only 500km .

All good things come to an end.BTW i thought taking a long ride will cure the itch for a while but it has made it worse.All i do at work is plan for the next one .


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