14 September 2006


Some years ago i was fortunate enough to visit the island of Mauritius.
It was not too far from Malaysia and the sights,culture,people and food made this a great holiday.

Berjaya Hotel 
Malaysian food  ha ha

Nice pool 


One of the most famous landmarks in Mauritius- Le Morne 

Sights from our beach 

Day 2

Island hopping time 

Clear water 

nice huh 

It was about 15 feet deep here 

After a good swim its time for food  

Look at the water colour 

The captain and his mates were really good entertainment 

Back , eat and zzzzzzz

Day 3

Nemo time 

Just as we get below the surface 

our captain of the sub 

my first time ever in a sub 

So cool 

An old shipwreck 

Coning tower 

See the anchor ? 

Our ride :-) 

Back on shore  


Eat and sleep some more :-)

Day 4

Time to explore Maurutius 
Standing on the rim of a volcano here

What a view 

The crater.. 

Some of the local handicrafts here 

A large Statue of lord Shiva under construction.
Mauritius has a large Indian population .

And the temple sits on the rim of another Volcano crater. 

Cold at the top... 

Crater is filled with water 

Looking down 

Chamarel waterfall was our next stop 

Nice huh 

Finally we went to see the 7 coloured rock formed by the volcanic activity- Terres des Sept Couleurs

As the sun set on Mauritius 

We  had our last look of this wonderful island 


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