18 February 2017

Kanchanaburi revisited , and the 3 pagoda pass.

Day 1

Han ( Tayargolek.com)  recently organized another open ride to Kanchanaburi . 
As we have been there twice before ,we added a few new places to make it interesting for us .

Early morning meet up .

Quite a few bikes .

Our ride today is quite a distance .

We'll head to Surathani .

After the border its the nice Thai roads .

Along the way a pit stop here to check out the cowboy town .

Innovative minds in Thailand .

The last time i was here it was not even painted .

More authentic then .

A short break for everyone, many more miles to go .

After looking around...

Buying some souvenirs...

Time to leave our mark...

Its official now   :-)

Back on the road...

By evening we reach our hotel in Surathani .

A long day riding , Tomorrow a bit more to go .

Day 2

We headed to Kanchanaburi today .

On the bike .

About 600+km, ......

Should be an easy days riding. 

So we detoured a bit .

Han and i haven't been here before .

I lead , he takes care of the whole convoy .

Soon we reach our destination .

Khao Matsee Viewpoint .

Ample parking .

A temple at the top .

We walked all around...

Looking back on the mainland...

And the nearby fishing village .

We will be riding there soon .

The edge of the hill...

Cloudy though ...

And the temple...


We always enjoy visiting new places .

And making memories .

Time to leave. 
Steep roads down...

After  a few hundred kilometers we stop at this shrine.
Fun for all especially the first timers .

By evening we reach Kanchanaburi .

After dinner we take the boys to the bridge. 

The bridge over the River Kwai .

Some show is going on  :-P

Since we've been here 3 times,,,the pic are a bit less now .

Our friends had a good time.


Ah yes..... team lead is tired  :-P

We still remember our first time here...

Magical .

Adventurers .

Team lead still tired  ha ha ha

Local attraction  :-P

Day 3

Early the next morning we brought the boys to get shots with their bikes .

Memories .

Really nice to see the sparkle in their eyes .

My baby  :-)

Today is going to be a long day .

And interesting for Han and me .

From the bridge we visit the JEATH museum...

Coffee while the boys explore .

The bridge is still in use .

With tourist on the bridge...


So we've done the bridge and museum...

After breakfast we ride...

A stop here only as the tiger temple is closed. 
Its a good thing we visited during our last trip .

Now we ride till the end of the road...

Which is Burma .

Along the way we stop here...

To check out the lake in the national park .

Some chalets for rent .

Dining hall...

There you go...

A place to chill halfway through our journey .

Quiet and nice .

Those hills in the distance are in Burma. 

The guys took in all the sights...

In groups and singly .

and what sights...

Feet's   ha ha ha

not a good sign..     :-P

Back on the road.

The road to Burma. 


See the lady's face...we're near Myanmar

Of course it has to rain .

Not for long though .

After a few hours...

We reach the end of the road .

The 3 pagoda pass .

Three Pagodas Pass is a pass in the Tenasserim Hills on the border between Thailand and Burma (Myanmar), at an elevation of 282 metres (925 ft). The pass links the town of Sangkhla Buri in the north of Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand, to the town of Payathonsu in the south of Kayin State, Myanmar.

Beyond that gate is Burma .

We made it  :-)

The pass is named after three small, crumbling stupas or chedis which were probably built at the end of Ayutthaya period as a symbol of peace. They are now on the Thai side of the border. Parts of the border are still disputed.[2] These three chedis appear in the provincial seal of Kanchanaburi Province in stylized form

Burmese writing .

That's all Myanmar .

From Rangoon .

This pass has been the main land route into western Thailand since ancient times, and is believed be the point at which Buddhist teachings reached the country from India in the 3rd century.
During the Ayutthaya period in Thai history (14th-18th centuries), the pass was the main invasion route for the Burmese, but at times was also used against them by Siamese armies. The first was the Burmese invasion in 1548, part of the Burmese–Siamese War of 1548.[4]:15–16
During World War IIJapan built the infamous Death Railway (officially Taimen - Rensetsu Tetsudo) through the pass. There is a memorial to commemorate the thousands of Australian prisoners of war who (with other Allied prisoners and Asian civilians) died as forced labourers in the construction of the railway.
The region is home to several hill tribes, including Karens and Mons, who are unable or unwilling to obtain citizenship from either countries. Separatist armies have repeatedly tried to take seize of the pass from Burma, with the Mons in effective control until 1990, when Burmese troops regained it.

So nice to explore new places .

Our rides.

Han and the 3 pagodas .


See that...part of the death railway .

Local ladies...

My baby .

This starts in Kanchanaburi...crazy .

Monks and the pagodas .

And of course...tanaka  :-)

The ladies in pink are Myanmar workers returning from working in Thailand .

We leave soon.....Those hills are all Burma .

A long day but worth while .

Day 4

Time to leave Kanchanaburi .

Past Bangkok...its smooth sailing .

We head to another attraction we've yet to see .

The aircraft carrier .

A small village .

Memories .

The Prince of Chumphon Shrine is 74km south of Chumphon Town

Right by the beach .

The shrine is a model  of HTMS Chakri Naruebet an aircraft carrier. It is 29 meters wide, 79 meters long, and 6 meters tall. It was built by the faith of the local people who donated both their money and labor. 

Nice huh .

We go around .

That's the entrance .

A model in the model   :-)

The actual ship . 

HTMS Chakri Naruebet is the flagship of the Royal Thai Navy (RTN), and Thailand's first and only aircraft carrier. Based on the Spanish Navy's Príncipe de Asturias design and constructed by Spanish shipbuilder BazánChakri Naruebet was ordered in 1992, launched in 1996, and commissioned into the RTN in 1997.
The aircraft carrier is designed to operate an air group of V/STOL fighter aircraft and helicopters, and is fitted with a ski-jump

The lower level .

And the main deck .

Some people pray ,some pose .

Very cool .

The boys really had fun .

So did she  :-P

A nice beach...

And many small hotels .

Nice huh .

Even though this trip was for the guys, we also made it interesting for ourselves .

Very nice.

Tired but happy .

More tired  ha ha ha

A nice shot when the deck is empty .

We are not too far from our hotel...

So we take in the sights...

Enjoy the views...

And soon ride to our hotel .

Day 5 & 6

From Chumporn we ride to Haytai ,spend one night and then ride home .

The trip was for the guys who really enjoyed it .

And we got to explore new places too .

Bike needs a wash .  :-)

A shortish ride but enjoyable .
More to come.
Cheers .

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