24 April 2016

The Great Indian Adventure - Part 3

                                                                         Day 6

                                                            Sunrise over Lake Pichola .

And the city of Udaipur .

Our breakfast overlooks the lake .

We're being watched .

We start our tour of the city .

First stop .

The City Palace .

Overlooking the lake .

The island is a palace ,now a hotel .
On the peak behind is the summer palace .- cooler .

As we walk up....

The other palace island .

The Jag Mandir palace .

The Lake palace / Jag Niwas .

Beautiful .

Towards the entrance .

This part of the palace is closed off.

Palace guards .

City Palace, Udaipur, is a palace complex in Udaipur, in the Indian state Rajasthan. It was built over a period of nearly 400 years 

And here we are .

The front of the palace and its grounds .

Its huge .

And awesome .

That part overlooks the city

The exit is the gate in the background. .Behind !! not infront  :-P

The part to the left is the ladies quarters .

Such detail .

The next 3 pics are from left to right .

Its huge .

Lets go in ...

First the armoury .

Old bullets .

First time i'm seeing this. A double bladed sword .

And this...a dagger/gun combo !!!

A sword / gun combo  :-0

A knife and 2 guns !!!!

A traditional Indian mace .

The wonderful dagger with the expandable blade .

After the armoury its to a courtyard .

Intricate arches

And intricate designs .

As we walk through the palace...

We see this .Horses camouflaged as elephants to fool the enemies.

The kings throne overlooking.....

...This !!!

And this .

Artistic designs everywhere .

Me being artistic also...ha ha ha

A larger courtyard...

And surrounding pavillions

From indoor fountains...

That also overlook the city .

And castle grounds .

Where elephant fights were held .

Then we come to this .

Bling is an Indian term .

Amazing .

Life of Rajahs in days past .

Now we come to the top level.

With a view of the lake .

And another royal room.

Indoor swing and all...

Nice design...more later.

What a view .

Rajahs .

Another royal room .

This king was an invalid .

The most important throne....ha ha ha
Get it ??

Now the peacock courtyard .

With the stained glass seen earlier .

More opulence .

And lots of peacocks .

See the UFOs . Makes for interesting readings .

That fan is interesting .

It runs on kerosene .

I'm all ''palaced'' out...

The main grounds again .

Humvee of the ancient world .

The exit gates .

Immediately outside the gates...

..the chaos starts .

Wonder which XJ  model this is ?

Now we visit this...

Jagdish temple .

Also famous for its carvings .

Built in 1651 .

Carvings everywhere .
After a quick look its time to go.....


Cause we're going there .

But not there  :-(

Ah well...

The summer palace...next trip  :-)

Waiting for our boat...

Time to set sail...

Nooooooooooooooo  don't leave bunny...ha ha ha

We're going there...

Via the scenic route.

Around the Jag Niwas.

And along the banks .

In the middle of the Indian desert huh...

Another nice hotel .

The Mohan Mandir.


And my hotel...

And my room   :-)

Life by the lake...

Unchanged for hundreds of years,.

Now we turn around ...

Dinner was at the building bottom left last night

The city palace is huge .


The Jag Niwas .

And surrounding views .

The city and lake palaces...

Almost there .

See how big the city palace is ?


The Jag Mandir .

AKA Lake garden palace .

Nice huh .

Built 1551...amazing .

Look at that view .

Lets explore shall we.

The entry way .

With a cafe overlooking the lake.

Photo op time .

The main courtyard.

Part of this is a hotel .


So cool.

One of the gardens...

Oli and city views .

Nice huh.

It really is a palace by itself .

ha ha ha

As we walk around .

We come to the main gardens .

Quite large...

Another dock...see the crocs ?

Still in the gardens. 

Nice huh.

What a place man ...

And what a day of exploring...

This place is beautiful...

With its fountains...

And lake side views...

Amazing place...

Bye bye olis .

The docks are next to the city palace .

A last look..

Then we continue our tour .

A huge garden...

Saheliyon-ki-Bari (Courtyard of the Maidens)

Built in 1710.

All the fountains are gravity fed from the lake...

Huge bougainvilleas.

Nice huh.

Fountains everywhere .

This part is made to look like a rain forest .

So cool.

The elephant pool...

look closely at the elephants...

The water shoots from its trunks.

Its a big garden .

And its been a long day .

So its back to our digs and another dinner on the roof...
Udaipur is amazing .

Day 7

Unfortunately we have to leave Udaipur .

Today we're headed to Jaipur .

Fully loaded .

A severe case of carcolepsy  :-P

Towns along the way...

And colourful stalls .

Camels crossing on the freeway...

Splendor and squalor.....

And the odd fort along the way .

Look at this moron...

Wrong way on the fast lane of the freeway.....welcome to India .

Thankfully it was mostly quiet .

Pillion is sitting on the carpets placed on the rear seat  ha ha ha

More morons.....

Another small town .

Stat bank  ha ha ha

Typhoid central....

All lorries and buses are decorated.. Horn please  :-)

Nah...he's not overloaded.

Homes  :-0  by the roadside...

The typical Rajasthani male's attire .

For sale by the roadside...dentures anyone  ha ha ha

We pass many towns on our journey

A typical bike repair shop.

But the view were amazing...

The world is our toilet  :-P

Built for 3  :-P

Slightly mountainous landscape .

3rd world transport infrastructure .
Pink Floyd rocks...!!!

More small towns.

Travelling this way we get to see the real countryside .

And camels  :-)

We stop to check out this market place in the town of Pushkar .

Lots of toys  :-)

The ladies are all going to a nearby Hindu temple .
A very old Brahma temple.

Lots of them and very colourful.

Stalls lining the way .

Instead of walking to the temple through the crowd ,we just took in the atmosphere and left .

Camel jam  :-)

This large area is for the annual camel fair .Buying , selling and trading .
The Pushkar Fair (Pushkar Camel Fair) or locally Pushkar ka Mela is an annual five-day camel and livestock fair held in the town of Pushkar in the state ofRajasthanIndia. It is one of the world's largest camel fairs.

Soon we're on our way again ,.

See passenger no 4 ?   :-)

Today is just to get to Jaipur and the sights along the way .

Colourful sights .

A stop at these road side restaurants for lunch then its back on the road .

In the evening we reach Jaipur .

A nice hotel .

Today we rest .
Tomorrow we explore  :-)

To be continued .

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