09 October 2014

Borobudur & Prambanan 2014

During the last short holiday period we decided to go visit a nearby attraction that has been on our wish list for some time. Getting some R& R at the same time will be an added bonus  :-)

Day 1

Getting there.

So cool .

The main airport...tiny.

Nice hotel...

They gave us 3 vouchers for 3 free massages at the spa.

My wife took all 3 .

Indoor pool at the spa.


The 1st day is just relax...

And enjoy the views.

Day 2

View from the breakfast terrace .

Time to tour.

Streets of Yogja.

The faint outline of the volcano ahead.

Stopped to buy tickets.

Passing a satellite  temple.



A long walk.

Half way up.


So cool.

Ornate design.

They say its the biggest in South East Asia .

Angkor Wat is  bigger.

Much bigger.

Still impressive.

Hundreds of Buddha statues. 

Time to go up.


Big huh.

Ornate drain pipes.

There are many levels.

And almost all have carved reliefs.

Such detail...



So many.

All around the Temple and at many levels.

Overlooking the valley.

The classic picture of Borobudur.

The 3rd highest level.

What we didn't know was in each of these structures.......

.........there is a Buddha Statue.

Like so...

A last look. 

Time for lunch ...


A short drive later we reached here.

To see this.

Ancient Hindu temples.


Originally there were 240 temples.

This is the biggest.


The remaining structures.

How many faces can you count.

Waited to get a clear shot.

Very nice...

Time to leave.

A final look.

Back to the hotel.

Touring done. Now time to relax.

Day 3 & 4

This time was spent purely on R&R


And here

And also here......................( internet pic)

A nice experience in a nice area.