06 March 2012


Last year we rode to Negeri Sembilan to check out a few historical sites mainly palaces.
In this instalment we planned to ride to the state of Perak  and see some of the many historical sites there.
In our last ride there were only 3 bikes but due to the interest that ride generated there were 15 bikes on this ride with one more joining us at Ipoh. We planned to ride from KL -  Kuala Kangsar- Ipoh- Batu Gajah - Pasir Salak -Teluk Intan - KL  . Total distance was 650 km. It was a long ride but with so much to see and great company it was really worth it.

Early morning RV at Sg. Buluh RR

Pretty soon it was full of bikes

After a short briefing by the Ride leader we set off.

About after an hour we stopped in Tapah for a break.

I really like this colour

From Tapah we made our way to Kuala Kangsar. Passed it many times but never went in.
Its a really nice town with great old buildings.

Our first official stop.
Istana Kenangan Kuala Kangsar built in 1926.

Awesome work done so many years ago.

From there we went to visit a beautiful mosque nearby.
Lovely Moorish architecture and completed in  1917.

Then we rode to the Royal Gallery which is housed in the Istana Hulu or also known as Istana Kota.
Built in 1903 it still stands proudly today.

The next few pictures are of the palace and its grounds. 
Fit for a king .

After enjoying the beauty of  Kuala Kangsar we rode to Ipoh to visit the Birch Memorial clock tower built in 1909.
Nice history from www.journeymalaysia.com

-  Secluded and hidden it is. And for good reason of course. JWW Birch was an unpopular character who was appointed as Perak's First British Resident. He was arrogant and showed no sensitivity towards local customs, religion and nuances. He did not think much of the Malays. Likewise the feeling, too, was mutual amongst the Malays, especially the royalty. It wasn't surprising at all that he was eventually assassinated by the Malays, headed by a chieftain called Dato' Sago. Call it mere coincidence or downright contemptuous, Birch's memorial is strategically located directly opposite a mosque and cramped behind Jalan Dato' Sagor. Even after his death, he is still surrounded by scorn and derision from the Malays.
For whatever Birch was to the Malays, the British made him a hero. On all four sides of the monument, colourful murals depicting various 18th Century professions of men decorate it. There, they also erected a bronze bust of their Mr. Birch. And so, the Clock Tower is quite a fine monument; even now, despite the absence of the presence of the bronze sculpture of Birch (which someone had so nicely removed). Isn't this just telling! Nobody wanted him and they still don't want him here. Oh, poor Mr. Birch. 

After a good lunch in Ipoh we rode down to Batu Gajah to visit the famous Kellie's Castle built in 1915.
The past few days had been raining but on this day it was bright and sunny. Verrrry sunny.
My bike meter showed an ambient temp Of  114  freckin Farenheit ~ 45.5 C  .
Desert heat. I was so hot i just sat and looked at the castle. When i looked around i was surrounded by everyone  else  who was also too hot  ; )

After hydrating we rode to visit the Pasir Salak Historical Complex.
Great Sunday ride.  Of course it was closed.

Planning our next move.

To here.
Teluk Intan's Leaning tower. Built in 1885.

Quite impressive.

As this was our last stop we sat down and had a well deserved rest/drink at a nearby restaurant.
From there it was a nice ride home via the north south highway. Great ride and good guys. Now we have to plan for the next one  : )


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