19 September 2011


After not going for a ride for some time, my friends and i decided to take a short day ride to the neighbouring state of Negeri Sembilan. We would ride to 3 places to see 3 palaces. The weather was good and the roads were great espacially in the interior of NS with windy roads and minimal traffic.Total distance was ~310km.

Early R&R at the Seremban rest area.

Sun just coming out.

Our 1st stop.  The Palace of Raja Melawar.

This is a replica built on the site of the original palace and original design 

Some history

We could enter and see the interior but with 3 places to go and motorcycle boots. Nevermind  : ) 

Old tools used in the rubber industry 

From there we rode to our 2nd stop at Sri Menanti. 
This is the Old palace of Sri Menanti.
This is the original palace built with out any nails. 

Its really big considering it was built over 100years ago . 

Nice grounds.

The lower floor of the palace.

Old safe. 

Our 3rd stop. The Seremban museum.
We didn't come to see the museum. 

We came to see this.
This is an actual old Minangkabau house 

And next to it is palace no.3
Ampang tinggi palace. 

Intricate carvings. 

Good weather, good friends, great ride and new and interesting places to see.
What more can we ask for.


  1. Bro, Istana Seri Menanti just 1/2 hour from my places. Have you tried for Masak Lemak Daging Salai which famous here?

  2. No la bro. Kita buat 1/2 day ride je. Habis ride balik makan : )

  3. takde ride baru ke bro?? :P

    kalau ade..roger roger! gua mau folo kalau timing cun.. :D

  4. @Han - ok bro , i see you when i see you :p

  5. Baru balik bro , tengah review gambar : )