13 June 2011

A couple from the UK have been riding around the world and they have stopped in Malaysia for a while.Their  73rd  country i think. Thanks to a group of motorcycle riders/adventurers from Malaysia they put up a presentation of their travels so far.I've actually been following thier travels at ADVrider for more than a year so this was not to be missed.

Simon's  1150GS  ( i think )

This bike has done more than any 10 of our bikes put together  

Lisa's  650GS

True  adventurers 

Some of the bikes that were there.Its still early in this pic. 

My baby and another FJR belonging to a very experienced lady rider. 

The dynamic duo with my bike. 

Great set up by Two Wheel Garage 

More bikes arrived  soon 

That little FZ150 has gone further than many superbikes, up to 1km from  the China border .
Also ridden by a lady rider.

Nice busa. 

Ridden to Laos. There were many overlanders here . 

Our excellent MC for the night - Capt Nik

The  dynamic duo at the presentation proper.

In turns they took us along in their travels.

The experiences that they have had are amazing  

As i told my wife when describing this two . They are not national standards , they are not international standards. They are setting the bar and being the benchmark for all riders/adventurers/tourers/overlanders the world over.
And another good thing is that my wife realises that i'm not alone in my madness   : ) 

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