25 July 2010

Its been too long since i last went for a ride.
Work and life get in the way as usual.This time i decided to take a ride up to the hill resort of Bukit Tinggi.This place is a French styled castle/manor built way up in the Pahang highlands.
The Ride there was fun as there is the always entertaining Karak Highway up the
hills and the road to Bukit Tinggi proper was ok but not great compared to say Genting Highlands.
Had a nice ride,looksee and ride back.

Bukit Tinggi road.

Twisties ; )

I think i can, i think i can

FJR in the wild

In the middle of a tropical rainforest you find this.

And this.

Still new to me

Colmar Tropicale.

Banquet Hall

Rabbit Farm on the way down.Non were on the menu though.Pity !

Nice flowers in the cool climate.

Rested here for a while.

Last shot before the nice ride back.

Note to self-Ride more often


  1. I was there a few weeks back. Went 2 up with the SO. The twisty road up was wonderful. But I thought it was a bit dangerous as there were a large group of riders riding very aggressively up and down. But on the return leg, we rode via Ulu Yam. That was great as well!

  2. Saw your pics bro.Excellent as usual ; )